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Celebrating Iconic Merchants

Lisa Bridges Town Square Barber Shop

We’re Paying Tribute To The Town Square Barber Shop For 50+ Years Strong At Town & Country Village.

Join us as we celebrate the accolades of this remarkable VIP Merchant.

Town Square Barber Shop (TSBS)

The legendary Town Square Barber Shop opened in its doors at Town & Country Village in the summer of 1969. The shop now owned and managed by Lisa Bridges was founded by her father, Guy Mitchell. This iconic six-chair barbershop flourished through the dedication of her father, and Lisa’s exceptional barbering talents. A Master Barber extraordinaire her specialties are clean-cuts and meticulous layering and shaping to complement any face.

One Haircut At A Time, Two Generations, More Than Half A Century

Lisa Bridges is the most recent in a long line of barbers in the Mitchell family. She joined the business in 1995 after graduating from the same Houston barber college that trained her dad, Modern Barber College. “Being the first female barber in the family was never a problem. I’ve always had a love for the family business and barbering is the ideal vocation for me,” Lisa says with a smile.

Barbering As An Art

Barbers are specifically trained in the art of cutting men’s hair. They study male hair types, hairstyles and have in-depth knowledge of classic styles like the undercut and pompadour. Lisa explained, “Evaluating hair type and face shape are essential when helping clients determine the right cut for them. I find the most traditional styles like crew-cuts; side parts and pompadours still remain the most popular. Although many younger guys prefer the new buzzcuts, quiffs, tapers and fades. Either way, I do them all.”

Man Getting Hair Cut at Town Square Barber Shop

Why Patrons Love This Quintessential Barber Shop

The men’s grooming industry is growing. While there’s been a resurgence of barbershops with trendy concepts, TSBS is the real deal. The shop has been a retreat for Memorial area men for decades. The clientele has grown steadily and spans the elite of Houston corporations, prominent legal and medical professionals, statesmen, television anchors, newsman, creative pros and successful entrepreneurs. “Many clients have standing appointments every two weeks. Sometimes they even stop by for a quick chat or to discuss the news. There’s a real sense of community that’s evolved here over the years,” Lisa notes.

A Barber Shop That Takes You Back In Time

Stepping into the shop is nostalgic experience. The black and white checkerboard patterned floors, the twin set of twirling red, white and blue barber poles, 6 vintage red leather barber chairs, (the last order produced by the St. Louis manufacture, Koken) and a 1922 working cash register take you back to simpler times. Photos of Houston sports stars, the Astrodome and Minute Made Park while under construction line the walls. Memorabilia items include an eclectic assortment of motor cars, old ads for hair care products and barbershop themed prints.

Inside View of Village Barber Shop at Town & Country Village

The Town Square Barber Shop Thrives At Town & Country Village

Guy Mitchell often recalled the day he and Dan Moody Sr. reached their agreement to locate and build out the new barber shop in Town & Country Village. The deal was sealed with a handshake and the rest is history. The business has thrived for five decades alongside of the stately oak trees that line Town & Country Boulevard. Recently Dan Moody III made a surprise visit to check in on Lisa as the coronavirus pandemic stay-at-home orders were issued. This much appreciated visit ended with a friendly handshake, just as Dan Moody III’s grandfather and Guy’s meetings had over the years. Guy often said, “Moody Rambin knows how to do business right.”

Everyone Needs A Haircut After Months Of Quarantine

Who knew getting a haircut would be so important, until we couldn’t get one? After months of being closed, the shop is open now and Lisa says she’s glad to be back and taking appointments for one customer at a time. This means zero wait times and no one else is in the shop during the appointment. Safety and sanitary guidelines are being followed, including thorough cleanings of tools, sinks and chairs in between appointments. To make an appointment call 832.495.7064.

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Thank you for supporting neighborhood merchants like Lisa. We’ve loved The Town Square Barber Shop for decades. 


Owner of Town Square Barber Shop Lisa Bridges