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Halloween Prep & Party

Halloween Prep And Party Ideas From Town And Country Village

Ready For Halloween Celebrations? We’ve Got Ideas!

Spooky days are here again! Make sure you’re ready for a Happy Halloween with help from the stores, shops and eateries at Town & Country Village. Find what you need to plan for a spooktacular time whether you intend to celebrate the tricks or the treats this Halloween!

Halloween Do It Yourself Costume Ideas You'll Love

DIY – Make Your Own Halloween Costumes

Flex your creative juices this Halloween by pulling together your family’s Halloween costumes in true DIY fashion. Check your closets for pieces you can repurpose! Inspect those nooks and crannies for interesting clothing, hats, accessories, scrap crafting material, and props. Then fill in what you’re missing with some store-bought pieces to complete your look.

Need an easy DIY costume for a little kid? Make your own dinosaur get-up with just a few items. Start with a solid-colored hoodie. Then cut some pieces of matching felt into triangles and sew them, or attach with no-sew glue or a glue gun, to the back of the hood all the way down the spine to create fun dinosaur spikes. Grab a pair of matching pants and you’ve got yourself a little dino! You can find children’s hoodies and simple pull-on pants at Carter’s and Gap, and crafting materials like felt pieces at Walgreens.

Adults with more daring costume choices can find make-up to go along with their Halloween attire at Ulta Beauty. Shop for eyeliner, eyeshadows, make-up brushes/sponges, hair dye kits, false lashes, press-on nails, glittery nail polish, bold lipstick colors, and more to help you transform into your alter ego for the night.

Halloween Decorations and Ideas To Make Party Table Settings Creative And Fun

Halloween Decorations & Creating A Table-Scape

Host your Halloween Party in the backyard this year with a set-up sure to please (or horrify!) your guests. Spruce up your outdoor space with ideas from our Home Décor Fall Refresh article.

Decorate with ghoulish accessories from the Halloween seasonal aisle at Walgreens and Randall’s. Check out their spiderweb decorations, ghostly window clings, and other spooky props to hang from your doorways and around your space.

Create a visual wonderland with a tablescape filled with decorations from Trudy’s Hallmark. Prepare a table filled with Halloween fun such as goblin and black cat figurine sets, Halloween ornaments, plush witches and ghost shelf sitters, Halloween candy bowls, and more. Get into the spirit with all their frightfully delightful accessories!

Get The Look: Creepy Table Settings for Halloween

Get The Look: Creepy Table Settings

Set a hauntingly beautiful table with Pottery Barn’s creepy-cool Skeleton Drinkware Collection to thrill your guests as they sip their sparkling water or Bloody Mary’s in glasses embellished with skeletal fingers. If the weather is cool and you’re serving hot cocoa and warm drinks, pour them into some striking ghost-shaped stoneware mugs sure to set the mood.

Williams-Sonoma’s Black and Gold Pumpkins centerpieces will add an eerie and elegant touch to your tablescape with their coordinating raven-black and antique gold finishes. Crafted of high-fired stoneware, these durable decorations will last for many Halloween seasons to come.

Elevate your table setting with candles for the occasion. Grab some special ones from Bath & Body Works for your gathering. The Vampire Blood Candle scent combines Blood Red Strawberry, Midnight Blooming Jasmine, Dark Transylvanian Plum with Natural Essential Oils to create a scent worthy of a dark and eerie night. Pair your candle with the Bat Pedestal for an added touch of Halloween whimsy.

Candles From Bath and Body Works at Town And Country Village

Activities For A Scary Fun Gathering

Keep your guests entertained with the DIY Halloween Haunted House Kit from Williams-Sonoma. Lay out these do-it-yourself kits for kids and kids-at-heart to assemble. The pre-baked chocolate cookie pieces are cut to size so that you can put together your own custom haunted house. Use the included colorful icing, candy corn, sprinkles and more to personalize your spooky mansion.

Get a Halloween Haunted House Kit From Williams Sonoma at Town And Country Village

Afterwards, send the kids on a Spooky Scavenger Hunt around the yard. Hide clues that will lead the little prize hunters from one spot to the next until they get to the final destination where their treasure awaits.

Candy is always a big hit but for a prize that’s just a little more interesting, hand out Halloween-themed mini Pop-its from Trudy’s Hallmark! These ultra-popular fidget toys are sure to please your party guests. Press the bubbles down and they make a slight popping sound; then flip it over and start again.

Get Halloween Story Books at Barnes & Noble And Make Story Telling Fun For The Kids

Then gather the kids around the fire pit and host a Spooky Story Time. Find Halloween stories at Barnes & Noble for even the youngest guests with age-appropriate options like Eric Carle’s “Happy Halloween from The Very Busy Spider”. This lift-flap book will delight kids with familiar characters and surprises underneath each flap. Shudder-worthy tales can be found for older readers on shelves as well. Choose from a spookstastic collection of scary stories such as “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” by Alvin Schwartz.

Whether you’re looking for safe-for-the-trick-or-treat-crowd kind of books, or seriously chilling tales, Barnes & Noble is a no-brainer for picking up just the right tomes for your Halloween story time.

Make Homemade Treats. These are fun snacks to make with the kids.

Treats And Light Bites

Halloween is a great time to get creative with your snacks and treats. Serve cookies made into cute shapes like bats, pumpkins, and witches’ hats, courtesy of Williams-Sonoma’s Halloween Cookie Cutters which includes 8 stamps, 10 icing bags, 4 decorating tips, plastic coupler and storage box.

Add something fun to your menu like easy-to-make Mummy Hotdogs! All you need are hotdogs and ready-made crescent roll dough. Cut the crescent roll into thin strips, wrap them around a hotdog to resemble linen wrapped around a mummy, and bake for 15 minutes in a 350-degree oven. Finish your creation with small dots of ketchup for eyes.

For a meatless treat, make Witches’ Brooms using pretzel sticks and string cheese. Cut each string cheese into thirds, then make lengthwise cuts half way up all around the cheese stick. Stick a pretzel into the uncut end and tie a piece of chive around to complete your broomstick. Get all your ingredients at Randalls and prepare to serve up a yummy scare!

And don’t forget to wash your hands before you eat! Place some Happy Halloween soap from Bath & Body Works by the sink for a rush of mysterious marshmallow fluff, candy corn and sweet orange scent.

Going healthy? How about some sweet fruit instead? Make your own fruit platter with bananas and oranges fashioned into ghosts and pumpkins!

Healthy Halloween Treats

Avoiding candy this year? How about some sweet fruit instead? Make your own fruit platter with bananas and oranges fashioned into ghosts and pumpkins!

Peel bananas and cut in half. Then add two chocolate chips for eyes. Arrange in a platter for a “boo-tiful” and delicious display. Add some peeled tangerines or oranges, with a bit of cut-up celery to use as a stalk and you’ve got yourself a patch of juicy little pumpkins.

Design some fruit kabobs using only the holiday’s trademark black and orange colors. Cut up cantaloupe and wash raspberries or dark purple grapes like Moon Drop grapes. Then thread them through the stick by alternating between orange and black fruit for an appealing display of fruit-on-a-stick!

Pottery Barn’s adorable ghost-shaped stoneware serving platters are perfect to serve up these healthy Halloween offerings.

Last-Minute Halloween Prep

Not only can Halloween be creepy, it can also creep up on you! For last minute Halloween prep, head to Randalls for trick-or-treat candy, as well as decorations and party supplies. You’ll find bags of different kinds of candy to satiate all the goblins and ghosts knocking on your door, as well as food and drink for a last-minute Monster Bash.

Putting together a last-minute get-up for a Halloween party? Walgreens carries accessories including wigs and props to help you complete your Halloween costume.

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